Certification / Quality / Safety

Our values: quality, safety and reliability

In order to meet the highest requirements, JASPAR has tools for design, manufacture and control. All this is within the framework of a rigorous quality system.

We guarantee the supply of spare parts over the entire life of the product.

Our certifications: 

  • ISO 9001: 2008 no. 0504 
  • EDF certificate of qualification for valves: “RCCM” 
  • Tractebel engineering Certificate of Authorization (GDF Suez) no. 2736-ASME III 
  • Customers’ qualifications

Quality policy:

Our System of Quality Management is described in our quality handbook. This also includes our safety and nuclear safety policies.

The SQM is an important tool in our business management.

Metrology :

JASPAR has a metrology room with traditional measuring instruments: marble measuring unit, transmission gauge blocks, caliper, foot depth, external micrometers, gauges for the interior, etc.

The metrology room is equipped with a measuring column of 700 mm (TESA) and a 3D Faro Arm for the most complex measures. 

Testing means (hydraulics, leaks, fonctional) :

JASPAR has testing benches for hydraulic tests (maximum pressure: + / - 950 bar in deionised water and 8 bar in air).

We can perform manual, electric and pneumatic functional testing (opening under delta P)).

Valve 250A600 on testing bench




The TECHNEM Group supplies complete fluid technology solutions: valves, tanks, piping, gas pressure-reducing and metering stations, etc.


JASPAR, member of AGORIA



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