Parallel seat valves

Parallel seat valves are auto-check shutoff valves for non-loaded fluids.

Advantages of parallel seat valves:

  • Low pressure drop; 
  • Excellent sealing, particularly for high-pressure valves; 
  • Ease of manœuvre; 
  • Longevity of operation due to the simplicity of construction without pinching the sealing member;
  • Free expansion linings avoiding blocking problems during temperature variations.




Parallel seat valves with bolted cover 

For use in low and medium pressure service For use in nuclear circuitry, possibility of producing lips to be welded between the body and the cover.

Moulded body with bolted cover

Valve with cover bolted to forged steel body

Parallel seat valves with autoclave cover

For use in high pressure service, electric engine with autoclave cover





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